Video Translation

Job request to translate video audio content into target language with or without subtitles.


Clients provide a link to the input video or a reference to an event or job ID. The ID or link can either point directly to a media file (e.g. ending with .mp4) or to a social media share link, e.g. a Tweet or a YouTube video.



Specifies the output language of the video. Input language is auto-detected.

[ "param", "language", "es"]
ID Language
en English
jp Japanese
cn Chinese
de German
in Tamil
fr French
kr Korean
br Portuguese (Brazil)
pt Portuguese (Portugal)
it Italian
es Spanish
id Indonesian
nl Dutch
tr Turkish
ph Filipino
pl Polish
se Swedish
bg Bulgarian
ro Romanian
se Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
ae Arabic (UAE)
cz Czech
gr Greek
fi Finnish
hr Croatian
my Malay
sk Slovak
dk Danish
ua Ukrainian


Optional parameter. Specifies the language for subtitle captions that be burned into the video.

[ "param", "subtitle", "en"]


Optional parameter. Specifies a range if the video translation should be targeted to a specific timestamp range.

[ "param", "range", "<start>", "<end>" ]


Optional. If set the DVM uses the format to convert the video to the given format, otherwise it’s up to the DVM to choose an output format. By using a format such as mp3, the video might also be converted to an audio file.

[ "output", "video/mp4" ]


A link to the translated video.


    "content": "",
    "kind": 5201,
    "tags": [
        [ "i", "", "url" ],
        [ "i", "<hexid>", "event" ],
        [ "i", "<hexid>", "job" ],
        [ "param", "language", "es"],
        [ "param", "subtitle", "en"]